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2007-09-25 05:43:11 GMT


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date: Tue Sep 25 2007


OK, seriously, if you don't fucking understand the purpose of bittorrent, then continue to upload fucking rar files, otherwise, get a clue, no ones gonna keep rar files on their HD to share after they extract the content.
The whole purpose of rar-files is to make this shit go faster. It's easier to download this amount of data in small packages, it's also less chance of data loss then one file. Maby you need to read som Ip-packaging one on one. If you don't like it go back to DC. So I think it's you gomisensei that dosen't understand the purpose of anything. good luck!
Actually, Rar compresses a divx file maybe 2 or 3 bytes, at max compression. And with bittorrent, you are actually only downloading everything in 1 to 2 meg chunks, maybe you need to read about bittorrent. Multi-part rar files are for ftp-ing and USENET binary transfers, both now horribly obsolete. I think you don't understand the basic concepts of P2P. Keep your luck for yourself.
If a release is in rars and you upload something and it's corrupted, you only have to fix small files and not the whole release. Multiple files also allow downloading/uploading from multiple sources, thus making it faster. There are more reasons too, but you can't comprehend them. People have been doing it this way before divx was even a stain in your moms panties.
ftp obsolete? You mean the fxp scene right? If you could even call it a scene. glftpd ftw.
My point is that for p2p, things are different, I see the reasoning for multi-part files when releasing, but not for p2p, where it is much more Hard drive efficient to not have to have 2 sets of files for stuff you download and watch, making it easier to share them for longer without needing double the space. As for the "scene politics" you are not CHANGING a release by decompressing it., If you need to fix an archive that you just rared from a release before uploading the actual movie file, or the files you get with bittorrent are corrupt on download, then the fact that you don't understand what I just said is NOT your biggest problem. Or maybe it is...